3-Ingredient Breakfasts Recipes For Weight Loss

When you're in a rush, trying to make breakfast can seem like an impossible, time-consuming task. But, it doesn't have to feel that way anymore with these 3-ingredient recipes that will have you eating and out the door in 10 minutes or less!


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This apple and peanut butter toast is extremely simple, and only has these ingredients: apples, peanut butter, and whole wheat toast! The peanut butter will give you protein and leave you feeling fuller for the rest of the day, while the whole wheat toast provides fiber. Apples are also extremely nutritious, and low-calorie!

This bacon, egg and cheese sandwich only requires those three items! Just simply cook your eggs and bacon, and use a low-fat cheese of your choosing! Make sure to avoid frying your egg, and don't overload on the bacon and cheese.

Avocado toast is extremely healthy and easy to make. The whole wheat toast is filled with beneficial fiber, and avocados are packed with healthy fats to keep our bodies running smoothly! All you need is whole wheat toast, a whole avocado, and a pinch of salt for a healthy and yummy morning meal.