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Moving photos from iPhone to PC

19 June, 2019

I was using iCloud for PC to move iPhone photos onto my PC - then manually moving them into monthly folders.

I'd keep 60 days of photos on my phone and keep an archive of then forever on my PC.

Since I use my iPhone camera for documentary purposes as well as for pleasure, it creates a nice visual dairy.

As usual, I became bored with that and now use a couple of slick utilities.

EaseUS MobiMover (free)

Then PhotoMove to sort the photos $8.99

If i need to find something or just want to browse old photos I use Faststone image Viewer, it's free, superfast, and feature rich. Learn the hotkeys and you can browse your photos at super speed and do all kinds of things with them.

Easy Postage

08 March, 2019

If you ship a package once in while than you know what’s it’s like to stand in line at the Post Office for half an hour with a bunch of bitchy cranky people.

The Post Office claims that it’s easy to print your own postage on their web site. Well – it’s NOT. I tried and it was me that became bitchy and cranky!

I’m trying not to sound like a commercial, but it’s a pleasure to print my own shipping labels at home using – I don’t work for them – they don’t even have a referral program.

PirateShip is just an easy way to buy postage and a fun web site to use and I am a happy customer that appreciates a simple easy to use and non-cluttered website. Its features are awesome – things like getting a quick quote, email’s to the package recipient, saving addresses, and the heavy user can create bulk labels by uploading spreadsheets or import data from Etsy, eBay, Shopify Woo, and the other platforms.

No monthly fees, you just need to measure and weigh your package.

When you get to the Post Office just drop it off and go, or just hand it to your mail carrier from your own home or workplace.

Easy to sign up, and the support is really friendly and sometimes pretty funny to