Keeping your photos organized takes a lot of time and effort – tools to make that task easier are worth the time to master. Hardcore professionals use tools like Photo Mechanic to move, rename, and add metadata to images – for the rest of us I suggest strongly you take a look at Faststone Image Viewer. It’s so much more than a viewer – it’s packed with features that will give you super-powers. Before you get all excited, this software is for PC’s only, I use it to organize my photos, by tagging them – moving them into properly names folders, changing file names in bulk, but it does much more like photo comparison, red-eye removal, cropping, retouching, color-adjustments, e-mailing.

You can read about it here, but I always like to read the changelog – it gives me a better idea of what features I might have missed.

Once you figure out a workflow to organize your photos, Faststone is the tool to implement that. It’s well worth learning the keyboard shortcuts and I continually learn new things just by poking around the menus and experimenting. Tip: when viewing a photo full screen try crashing your cursor into the top, bottom, left and right edges of your screen – you’ll love what happens.

Faststone has been kind enough to create an incredibly well written manual for Image Viewer in pdf, ePub (iPad),  mobi (Kindle) - well worth the read.