I never minded paying Amazon $15+ dollars for an actual physical book. I'd buy it, read it - and own it. An actual book -  that I can keep and place it in my bookcase. But these days, the fonts are too small - the spaces between the lines of print are too tight. My eyes stress out while reading the small font that books use these days, making reading work instead of fun.

I have an old iPad, and installed the Kindle reader. The reader is decent - I can make the fonts large and change the background color. But I still have to pay $15+ dollars for a "book", I'd never physically possess. I also recall a few years ago that Amazon removed books from customers devices, due to a copyright issue in 2009. 

Moving on, I turned to the local library. They have an app called Libby - similar to the Kindle App - which you can borrow electronic versions of books from the local library 

So I decided to try an app called Libby - to access electronic versions of library books. Pretty cool, but it seems that my (local) library never has the books I wanted. 

Well, a protégé told me about the New York (City) Library. It turns out, if you live in NYS - you can get a "library card" - just install the SimplyE app and create your account with that app. 

The beautiful thing about this is, they have a much wider selection of books that you can read on the app. Set your font, background color and read away.  So far they have all the books I would of bought from Amazon.