1) Install iCloud on my computer

2) Set my phone to automatically upload all photos/videos to iCloud

3) All photos/videos automatically appear on my PC, in my setup - they come to J:/iPhone Photos/iCloud Inbound

4) When inspired I run a great little $9 program called PhotoMove. It will move all the files from J:/iPhone Photos/iCloud Inbound to J:/iPhone Photos/iCloud Inbound/sorted and sort them by month. 

PhotoMove can be easily configured to use any folders you wish. I'm showing you my own workflow. 



The result is 

J:/iPhone Photos/iCloud Inbound/Sorted/2020_01

J:/iPhone Photos/iCloud Inbound/Sorted/2020_02

J:/iPhone Photos/iCloud Inbound/Sorted/2020_03

J:/iPhone Photos/iCloud Inbound/Sorted/2020_04

and so on...



5) Then I plug my iPhone into my PC and simply use file explorer to navigate to 

ThisPC -> Apple iPhone -> Internal Storage -> DCIM - ???Apple

Then click on VIEW and sort by date, where it's easy to select an entire month's of photo/videos and delete them from my phone. I normally keep about 60 days of photos on my phone.

They are all safe on Drive J.



 Not only so I use iPhone photos for fun and serious  use like most of us, the primary use is a private visual journal. so this chronological organization is most useful to me. 

In the event I have event or photos from a trip of vacation, I use Faststone image viewer to pull out certain photos from my hard drive and move them to other better named directories (folders).  Faststone is lighting fast and perfect for this. Don't miss the tagging option.  Free software for home use. 


Overall, this is an easy fast way to move photos off your iPhone and preserve them on your own computer. Don't forget to back them up someplace - USB backup drives are cheap these days.

Some people just depend on iCloud for photo backups, but these days I am trusting cloud based services less and less. 

If you have a different work flow or tools that may work better, please let me know.