Do you need a VPN?
If you have to ask then I would say no. Otherwise this is my experience:

Over the years, I've tried many VPN's.

Most of them have these problems:

  • often had trouble establishing a secure connection
  • took a long time to connect 
  • would loose the connection, and fall back to normal non VPN traffic and not notify me or
  • had a slow connection

I tried Express VPN and found none of these issues.
Wining characteristics of Express VPN:

  • establishes a connection quickly
  • can be set to stop all internet traffic if the VPN connecting drops unexpectedly
  • fast connections
  • is very configurable and
  • is feature rich
  • can be installed at router level (I don't recommend this)
  • great support via live chat or ticket system
  • lots of servers to choose from, or use auto-connect
  • they claim to keep no logs
  • easy to toggle on/off (important feature - see caveats below)


  • While shopping with VPN on, most web sites will not detect your location with accuracy. For example, you may be looking for a widget on Home Depot web site, which will say it has 4 in stock. But if you look closely that would be for a store 1500 miles away from you. You'll need to specify your local store or turn the VPN off.

  • Many sites will detect your using a VPN, assume you are hiding something and not let you log on at all. At the time of this writing Etsy is an example of that denial of log on. What's confusing is you'll get no error message. They just reject your name and password with no message as to the reason.  You'll need to try another VPN server or just turn it off.

  • Most financial web sites (like my bank) will detect a VPN and present me with challenge questions and text message me a PIN. At least I know they are paying attention. Again, I just turn off the VPN.


For those of you using qBittorrent you can configure it to block transfers on VPN disconnect.