Bvckup2 Backup Software

I always have issues finding software that does exactly what I want it to do, and only what I want..

For many reasons, I dislike software that is packed with features that I’ll never use and we all hate a cluttered interface.2019-01-26_130555

As such, backup software is often bloated – I’ve tested about 30 of them and I have the aggravation to prove it.

I have recently stumbled on exactly what I have been searching for.  My initial attraction was it’s clean look. I love the layout, design and even the color pallet of the software and it’s website.

I was hoping this meant the developers have a philosophy of mean, lean software focused on doing just making a copy of my files.

I downloaded the installation file to see it was only 2347 KB and after installation, I see it’s only 1.24 MB and only 6 files.

After some testing, Bvckup2 is all I had hoped for. It’s fast, focused and polished – just as promised on it’s website.

It’s well supported by it’s creator Alex Pankratov and he is very active in the support forum.


Fast at bulk copying
Faster at updating with Delta Copy Suppory

It does one thing. Mirrors A to B
No crap, no junk

Awesome high-performance user interface
Quality over quantity

Real Time Backups
Scheduled or Manual
Multiple Read/Writes run in parallel
Multi-core processing
Move/rename Detection
Caching file index
Device Tracking
Email reporting and Alerts
System Service Mode
and yes.. tons more

If you really need backup software that compresses, encrypts, uses sftp, and cloud services and much more then I suggest GoodSync.  I do use GoodSync for a  couple of projects, but for my own home computer I am loving Bvckup2.

Goodsync and Bvckup2 will only backup files and not image your operating system. For that I suggest using Windows 7 native backup (included with Win10) or for something more robust I use AOMEI Backupper.

Based on how much, what kind and how much data you have, how often it changes, how critical it is  and where it’s stored – you need to carefully choose your backup system.

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