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Intel Core i7-7740K Overclocked To 7.5 GHz On Liquid Helium To Create New World Record

Gigabyte OC Overclocks Intel Core i7-7740K To 7.5 GHz On Liquid Helium, Breaks 7 GHz Record Of The Core i7-7700K

This news will excite hardcore nerds and geeks. Even before the Intel’s Kaby Lake-X has been launched, overclockers at Gigabyte OC has  Intel Core i7-7740K to a mind-boggling 7.5 GHz. The Gigabyte overclockers team consisting of HiCookie, Sofos, Dinos22, Youngpro, and SniperOZ were able to push a Core i7-7740K CPU to no less than 7.5GHz during the recently held Computex 2017.

In the process, the Gigabyte OC team broke the erstwhile overclocking record which belonged to a sister processor, Intel i7-7700K.  Intel Core i7-7700K held the record for being overclocked to 7 GHz but Gigabyte OC overclocked Intel Core i7-7740K  to whopping 7.5 GHz. Imagine the heat this must have generated. Gigabyte OC used liquid Helium as a coolant for this massive overclocking exercise. The Gigabyte X299-SOC Champion motherboard was used in order to achieve this record along with 6GB kit of Corsair Vengeance LPX 4,333MHz memory and a Corsair AX 1500i power supply.

Gigabyte OC achieved a -250C temperature required to cool the overclocking process. The overclockers used AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11G graphics card and G.Skill Trident-Z 3600C17 RAM to achieve this new record. In the process, Gigabyte OC team managed to reach number 1 in the entire world in 3DMark06 by achieving a score of 71,176 points.

Intel Core i7-7740K

With Intel releasing its new Kaby Lake-X, it is only a matter of time before overclockers break this record. Overclocking is a serious business and requires lots of precision and of course, Helium so do not try this at home.

Let us know what you think about the new overclocking record set by Gigabyte OC.

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