New PowerPoint malware delivery technique tested by spammers


A spam run detected by several security companies has attempted to deliver malware through an innovative technique: a link in a PowerPoint slideshow. The attack unfolds like this: A malicious Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show (PPSX) or PowerPoint Show (PPS) is delivered attached in a bogus email (invoice, purchase order, what have you) Victims download the file and run it, and are faced with a single text link (or hyperlinked picture) in the file … More

Google game teaches kids about online safety


Talking to kids about online safety is a difficult undertaking for many adults, and making the lessons stick is even harder. To that end, Google has launched a new program called Be Internet Awesome, which includes: An online video game called Interland A classroom curriculum A YouTube video series The game and learning materials, designed with the help of online safety experts like the Family Online Safety Institute, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and ConnectSafely, … More

5 Free Online Twitter Cover Photo Maker

Use these online Twitter cover photo maker to design Twitter covers for your Twitter profile. Use templates to design and then download them as image files.
5 Free Online Twitter Cover Photo Maker was originally published at I Love Free Software

CryptoPrevent v8.0.4.2 Released

v8.0.4.2 (June 3rd, 2017)

  • Major improvements in Memory usage across all executables (CryptoPrevent.exe, CryptoPreventMonSvc.exe, CryptoPreventNotification.exe), memory usage will decrease over time for the real-time as well as less usage on initial launches.
  • Corrected an issue where White-Label Creator was not updating the CryptoPrevent.exe launcher file in the includes folder which is used to create installers (you can delete this file and then re-open the WL Creator to force an update now)
  • SRP Whitelist is now sorted on initial loading and when updated
  • FolderWatch Custom Folders list is now sorted on initial loading and when updated
  • Fixed issue where services may not start via CLI options
  • Fixed issue where HoneyPot files might not be removed when FolderWatch has been disabled
  • Fixed issue where HoneyPot files might not be removed when Custom Folder is removed
  • Add/Removing Custom Folders to FolderWatch will no apply instantly
  • Fixed issue where services may be removed but not re-installed when changing various definition files or email settings

We STILL have several more improvements already in development and testing, so there should be additional updates in the coming days.

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Hackers post public service message on Liverpool One’s screen

On May 29, hackers had taken control over a large digital billboard outside a Liverpool city centre leisure complex and posted a message for shoppers in the area.
The hackers opted quite an attractive way to demonstrate an unsecured network and urged to improve security.
“We suggest you improve your security. Sincerely, your friendly neighbourhood hackers,” a message on the screen read, according to a photo first uploaded to Reddit. A similar picture was posted on Twitter by a visitor to the shopping centre.
Source: BBC

The message was tagged “#JFT96” – an abbreviation of “Justice for the 96”, which is a reference to the 96 football fans who died in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.
Liverpool One said that it closed down the screen as soon as it was notified about the incident but before being closed down the venue’s screen rose to prominence on social media.
The photo could not be confirmed by an official.
“Our screens are operated by an external company which is currently investigating the matter,” said a spokeswoman of Liverpool One.
A reverse image search on both Google and TinEye returned no relevant results, suggesting that the photo is new. The website of Elonex, the manufacturer of the billboard, does list Liverpool One as a customer.
“We can confirm an incident occurred over the weekend on one of the 18 screens we operate at Liverpool One,” a spokesman for Elonex said.
No other screen in the shopping centre was affected.
A spokesperson for the Merseyside Police said they had not been informed of the alleged incident.


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